Old Age Therapy

Aging is a transition from middle age to later years. It is a natural process that can affect different individuals differently. Some may adjust to the changes and some may find it difficult to deal with mental and physical changes.

We all know that aging brings its drawbacks and issues; mental, physical, and emotional changes that are not easy to deal with.

Many old-aged people go into depression or lose their interest in life seeing themselves aging or may fear the loss of life. They may suffer from anxiety, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems, and behavioral changes.

If you or someone you know is suffering from aging problems, mental health issues then our old age therapy can help.

Old Age Therapy

We at Pour Your Heart Help, Old-Aged People, With:

Old age may occupy with thoughts of the past that may leave one helpless and depressed. With our therapy, we help aging adults or old-aged people to focus on important things that they are grateful for.

Many old-aged individuals find it difficult to express their feelings as they feel low about themselves. We help such individuals to build the confidence that they once had when they were young. We help them to open up and express their feelings and thoughts. This way, they learn to relax their mind and also have a sense that someone is there to listen to them.

Not all adults can cope-up with the challenges that old-age brings but with our old age therapy, we help individuals to accept the changes and welcome them the way they are as it is their new life now.

We help them pick new hobbies that interest them and motivate them to do things that they always wanted to do when they were young but never got time for it.

We help them build a positive attitude towards this transition. Old age is a time when an individual is free from all responsibilities and can enjoy life freely; also it’s a time when a person can spend time with grandchildren and enjoy with them.

Psychlogist Olayinka Ogunleye and other specialist are here to help old-aged people with all the love and affection that they need. Pour Your Heart and get healed from within! Book an appointment now or contact us on the given numbers.