Dating And Relationship Counseling

We may find our dream love but sometimes the most beautiful relationships can also have conflicts and harm our mental health which can lead to depression, anxiety, insecurity, and even cause one to think about committing suicide.

Love is all that we want from the person we love and when the expectations are not met, we feel low and bad about life.

If you or someone you know is suffering from such a mental state, then you have landed on the right page. We are Pour Your Heart and we offer dating and relationship counseling that can help one to overcome the pain of suffering.

dating counseling

With our dating and relationship counseling and therapy you will be able to:

If your relationship is lacking mutual trust and confidence then our therapy will help you build a healthy relationship full of love, affection, and support. You gain trust in your partner and love them the way you used to earlier.

Marriage or relationship is not limited to physical pleasures but it is more about how you strengthen the friendship in your marriage. We help you build an emotional attachment and companionship with your partner.

If you have lost trust in your partner or feel insecure that your partner might leave you or you feel insecure in the relationship then we help you build that trust again and restore love. Share the love with your partner that you always wanted!

Love can sometimes create stress if things don’t go we planned or sometimes we just get annoyed and irritated by our partner. With our therapy, we will help you overcome such stress so you can enjoy every moment with your partner.

Once you become confident about your partner or relationship, you will be able to make wise and healthy relationship decisions that can help your relationship, you, and your partner to grow mentally and emotionally.

Psychlogist Olayinka Ogunleye and other specialist are here to help solve your relationship conflicts and issues. Pour Your Heart and get healed from within! Book an appointment now or contact us on the given numbers.