marriage relationship counselling

Better Advice for Healthy & Happier Relationships.

Mental Health is a major concern nowadays, which can end up affecting relations & giving diseases.

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Maiden Psychotherapy Center in Dar

marriage relationship counselling

Transform your Mindset & Achieve your Goals.

Amazing therapies and advice to help you achieve your goals and taking important decisions of your life.

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Maiden Psychotherapy Center in Dar

How can I help you?

If you’re experiencing any kind of mental illness or problem in relations.

Family Problems


Business Failure

Stress Issues

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Olayinka Ogunleye – Founder

Let me introduce

I’m Olayinka Ogunleye (B.A. PSP.) – Expert Psychologist.

Loves to help people around him with therapy talks.

He's a good listener, a great counselor, and a natural carer who studied B.A. Psychology, Sociology & Philosophy in Nizam College, an affiliate of Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.

Olayinka Ogunleye ~ Founder

My Practice

Personal, Individual & Group therapy sessions.

Therapy and counseling sessions don't have to be so rigid, and that's what we've done at Pour Your Heart. Sessions are tailored to individual or group need. Are you single? Couple? Or a business entity? There's a perfect plan for you.


Life-changing sessions for adults, no matter what age group they belong to.


A special session for your kids regarding personal problems and study.


Join me with your family and we’ll dicuss your issues to make your bonds better.


Arrange a business session for your organization to boost the outcome.

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Magical & Inspirational lessons for people seeking help.

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Who needs a therapy

Benefits of psychological therapy by an expert.

A significant advantage to psychotherapy is that patients will understand their feelings of stress and learn how to turn awkward emotions into a positive outlook. This type of treatment can be conducted on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting.

Marriage & Love
Life Coaching

Consultation Prices

Simple prices, flexible options, & nothing hidden.

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how to become a psychologist

The Process

Sit with the psychologist in a record time ...

Your effort to have a psychotherapy or counseling session doesn't have to be stressful, too. At Pour Your Heart, we've made that seamless for you so that you can sit with the psychologist in record time.

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Call us for an inquiry or any question you might have. We’ll be happy to hear from you and or clear any of your questions.

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