Kids and Family

All families face difficult times in life and in such tough times, we need the support and love of our family members. But, sometimes it is not possible as there are conflicts and disagreements between the members. Hence, resulting in depression, anxiety, sadness, and other mental disturbances.

There can be conflicts due to financial crisis, disagreement, and difficulties between siblings, mental illness of any member, member with special needs in the family, the academic performance of children, issues with extended family members, etc.

To overcome such issues and conflicts in the family, one needs kids and family counseling. If you or someone you know is going through such tough times then Pour Your Heart is the right spot for you.

family counseling

We Offer Kids and Family Counseling That Can Help You With:

It is important to put your views to other family members so they can understand your feelings and emotions but with family conflicts this becomes impossible. But, with our therapy, you will be able to communicate with your family members more brightly and confidently.

There is sometimes a lack of self-esteem and motivation in the family or the elder members of the family. It is important to first motivate them so they can play their role more responsibly and sensibly. With our therapy, you will see a change in your and your family members’ behavior and thinking that will lead to positive changes in your life.

When a family goes through such tough times, the members lose trust and faith in their loved ones but we at Pour Your Heart help you restore that faith and you can love them the way you do.

With improved relations with your family members, you will see a change in your mood, a positive attitude towards life, a more confident approach towards life hence leading to happier mental, physical, and emotional health.

We help you build a stronger and healthier relationship with other family members. Whether you have issues with your parents, kids, or siblings, we help you make a loving and caring relationship with them.

When you opt for our kids and family counseling, it’s not only you who benefits but it’s your whole family!

Psychlogist Olayinka Ogunleye and other specialist are here to help solve your relationship conflicts and issues. Pour Your Heart and get healed from within! Book an appointment now or contact us on the given numbers.