Grief & Loss Counselling

We all whole encounter anguish sooner or later in our lives. Some people recover soon and resume their normal activities within a few days or months but some of us may find it difficult to overcome the grief or loss of someone special or someone close to us.

Grief can last long and may adversely affect one’s mental and physical health but if the condition doesn’t seem to be getting back to normal then the person may develop suicidal tendencies and that is a matter of concern.

Before the case gets worse, it is advisable to see a grief and loss counselor who can help you cope up with the situation.

In the event that you or your friends and family are encountering melancholy or despondency and need assistance to conquer the circumstance then you have arrived on the correct page.

grief counseling

Our Grief & Loss Counselling Helps You:

We help you with grief but in a healthy manner. You learn to face the situation and face your feelings without getting involved in the grief process.

You may find it difficult to carry your hobbies and interests in the way you used to before. We help you regain that interest without carrying the weight of the loss.

All our sessions focus on one thing i.e YOU. We work for your betterment so you feel good about yourself, others, and your life. We make sure that you heal from within.

We help you understand and accept the situation. The grief may trigger from time to time but with our therapy and grief and loss counseling, you will not mourn over the situation as you do.

Our professional psychologists and therapists help you cope with your emotions. You become aware of your feelings and emotions and also learn to accept them and overcome them yourself. You learn to handle your situation yourself in the long-run.

Psychlogist Olayinka Ogunleye and other specialist are here to help you. Pour Your Heart and get healed from within. Book an appointment now or contact us on the given numbers.