Story of our founder

Being a full-time psychologist, I help to solve issues to heal mental among other problems for people.

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From where it began

My entire childhood revolved around one goal:

Him growing up as a young kid, there's this unique attribute of having to console people, including adults. Doing everything he could as a kid to make them feel better.

That never changes, becoming an adult. People would call him a natural counselor. Friends call him "inner-seer." Went on to brush up his talent with professional skills earning a B.A. in Psychology, Sociology & Philosophy.

He believes counseling enables people to be the best version of themselves. His goal is to empower you to make positive choices in your life. He also believes that one of the most important aspects of counseling is the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor. He feels this relationship should provide you with the confidence to navigate life's many challenges.

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Journey of our founder

A Psychologist and a Human.

Human first. Then a psychologist. Being naturally talented and going to school to equip himself for today's and the future therapeutic challenges sets him apart. He has also spent more than 4 years freelancing before setting up as a full-time specialist.


Studied B.A. Psychology, Sociology & Philosophy in Nizam College, an affiliate of Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.


After graduating from school, he spent most of his time freelancing as a psychologist while holding psychotherapy and counseling sessions for friends and family. That fully prepares him for his professional career.


Started his journey as a full-time and experienced psychologist.

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